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Making your PetCareWhiz experience safe and secure

Finding quality care is not only possible but also easy now . CareWhiz.com works hard to deliver the closest and best matches. We believe in empowering you to make the best decision when it comes to selecting the right person for the right kind of care. As with anyone you find online or offline, your sound judgment and personal instincts should always be used to keep yourself, your family members and pets safe. So below are some basic rules one should carefully read and understand when one is looking at when either care giving or care receiving process.

Conduct Interviews

Interviews should always be conducted by asking all the questions that you would want to know from a potential Care Provider. At any time if you don’t seem to be happy with an answer or just did not get an answer, exercise caution and make sure you take your time to decide.

Reference Checks

Be sure to contact the references provided and also try to ensure that they are genuine.

Run Background checks

It is always a good idea to get a Background check done on a potential Care Provider even if you have contacted all the references and got glorious praises for the Care Provider. Even if you are going though an agency, ensure that the Background checks were conducted which company conducted and also see if you get your hands on a copy of the Background check.

Safety for Care Provider

Always meet the potential care seeker in a neutral place. Always meet with another person accompanying you preferably a parent. Provide only email or cell info and only after final job arrangements.


Always be respectful and treat care providers or care requestors as you would want to be treated. Not every care seeker or provider is going to suit your needs and requests, so closing communication is perfectly natural and a healthy part of the process. Communication plays a very important role in avoiding confusion and helps you get the best care, so always make sure you communicate what is up to offer very clearly.

Online Privacy and Protection

Your online privacy is taken very seriously at carewhiz.com. Every effort is made to make sure all you personal information is safe, so all your information is stored at our secured data centers. But there are some things the users should also take care to protect their privacy online. Passwords: Always choose a unique alpha numeric password and make sure it is some thing that can’t easily be guessed based on your profile. Passwords should regularly be changed or rotated and never share your password with anybody let alone from people asking for passwords via email or another public medium. Browsers: Browsers always store some information about you while you are logged on and generally delete them once you log off and close you browser window, so it is always a good practice to close your browser window after you are logged out of your account.

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